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What Is VeteranHub

The Australian Commonwealth Government has an initiative known as the "Veterans and Families Hubs" program, which was previously called "The Veteran Wellbeing Centre" program. RSL Tasmania State Branch led by CEO John Hardy is the chosen Tasmanian statewide delivery partner for this program. A "hub and spoke" model recommended by a University of Tasmania study has been adopted.

Recognising that not all Veterans are comfortable associating with the RSL brand - it was identified that this new initiative required a fresh new brand. Thus, VeteranHub was born to evolve into a stand-alone entity, which all Veterans and their families can embrace. VeteranHub exists solely to support and assist the Veterans of Tasmania and their families, with any and all needs throughout their lives.

The seven physical VeteranHub locations and all VeteranHub resources are available to be used by ALL legitimate ESO's (Ex Service Organisations), in their important work with Veterans and their families, across the entire state of Tasmania. VeteranHub must prioritise the engagement and co-ordination of the ESO's around Tasmania.

The University of Tasmania study also emphasised the importance of strategic partnerships with local companies, businesses, charities, government departments, emergency services, hospitals, doctors, medical centres, lifestyle support and therapeutic intervention providers. All such entities as well as Veterans and their families are encouraged to register through this website and participate in this important, mutually beneficial world-leading initiative.

How VeteranHub Works

Veterans and their family members are eligible to register through this website. Once registered a VeteranHub Navigator will guide them through the process of obtaining services, treatments and supports they may need to bolster and improve their lives.

Where needs are complex, a dedicated VeteranHub Case Manager will be assigned to work with the Veteran. This case manager remains their contact for life, focusing on delivering the utmost level of care, across a diverse range of services, treatments and supports to suit the individual needs of each Veteran. The dedicated single point of contact, ensures that Veterans only need to "tell their story" once and they can avoid ongoing re-traumatisation and avoid wasting time and energy.

All Lifestyle Support, Therapeutic Intervention and Medical Treatment providers associated with VeteranHub have been rigorously assessed and accredited as both Veteran friendly and Veteran capable. Payments for these services will be covered by Not for Profit partners of VeteranHub.

  • VeteranHub is FREE
  • VeteranHub is SECURE - utilising end to end encryption
  • VeteranHub TEAM is made up of dedicated caring people who will walk the path with you


Wellbeing, Employment, Accommodation, DVA Claim Advocacy and more available now for Veterans and their families


Quality jobs are available right now from understanding employers who value the unique skillsets and values of all Veterans and their families


Accommodation options are available


Evidence based referrals to providers who are Veteran Friendly and Veteran Capable with funding available

Lifestyle Supports

Activities which maintain physical and mental wellness including providing social engagement

Therapeutic Interventions

Treatments provided by a qualified professional who is not a medical doctor


We are here to help and support Veterans and their families for life - in whatever way suits the needs of each individual

Social Connection

Connecting with local communities is important after discharge from ADF where comradery is strong


Sometimes we just need a group of mates with shared life experience to catch up and hang out

We are here to help you!
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